New things are always welcome in my opinion. New approaches to things are as good as completely new things. So, for our Multimedia Journalism module, we have to set up a group blog, which six other amazing people and I have decided to do about fashion. Okay, I know what you’re thinking – that is so completely unoriginal, aren’t there a thousand other fashion blogs out there that are all the same anyway? Yes, in fact there are quite a few fashion blogs, but we are going to tackle fashion in more depth and also analyse in addition to plain fashion news. Fashion is a cultural phenomenon and should be handled as one.

So what’s faqFashion about?

Fashion news (Radmila, Larisa) – high street and designer, what’s new and hot: clothes, accessories, and everything else that contributes to style. This seems to be one of the essential parts of a fashion-oriented blog, so of course we’ll cover it.
Mortal people fashion (Ave, Nassia)- we will be policing around and finding interesting fashion statements around us, one of the sections is going to be on fashion/style wrongdoings (which I’m in charge of). We will also sneak around in our own beloved University of Westminster and ask students about their outfits, why they wear what they do.
Fashion ethics (Alicia)- Fairtrade and organic aspects of fashion. As the process of making fashion is as important as fashion itself, this side of fashion should most definitely be discussed more.
Music and fashion (Aneta)- music has always influenced fashion (and perhaps vice versa). Musicians are often also fashion icons, and through style music can also make a statement.
Young designers (Kathy)- we happen to have an exclusive advantage of being part of a university with a well-respected fashion school. Those fashion students are the new big names, and the future face of fashion. We’ll peek into their work to see where fashion is heading to.

So, this is roughly what we’ll be doing. There’s so much more to fashion. Why ignore it?


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