GuardianOnline videos

The Guardian also indulges in the perks of modern technologies such as video and audio and and and … in their online version.

The video content is as wide as topics covered in their news stories, and mostly produced by themselves (if not, it’s mentioned):

  • Video interviews – most common videos
  • Video ads (they also have a short ad before completely different videos, e.g. interviews)
  • Reports
  • (UK and world) news
  • Short documentaries
  • Music, technology…

They incorporate news stories and video clips, but also have videos that are a completely independent thing. They do seem to try new things out a lot.
Something questionable is a compulsory 15sec of ads before all videos. Guess they’re only struggling for survival in the crunched away money-oriented world.

PS. Thomas Tamblyn is a tickler-molester and Lee Collins knows that too. Stuff always gets bizarre on Friday afternoons…


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