Multimedia Journalism.. what?

Multimedia journalism is a relatively new thing. At least to most of us. That whole new medium has probably not set its foot in the vast world of journalism the way oldschool media have. It is on its way there though. The possibilities of the web and available technology today give us advantages to publish mindblowing new projects. Both old and new issues get a new approach through these possibilities. Multimedia journalism is literally in the multimedia form. It is a mixed media format where text, sound, picture, video and other perks of computer-based options are used together. Old topics get a new medium, and perhaps a new approach. It could be criticised that multimedia journalism is not as ‘serious’ as print journalism, but in reality the advantages multimedia has to offer rather enrich the information that would otherwise be even boring.

A very moving and sobering example of multimedia journalism I happened to stumble upon was Death Perceptions. It is a project put together about different people with different professions who all have to deal with death in their lives. It is moving, because they all have a little different perception of death and what it means, through how they are in contact with it. It is sobering because they use raw and disturbing numbers and facts, which slap the harsh reality in your face. On the other hand the overall treatment of the death issue is rather gentle and does not really depress you. They have used photos, video interviews with the people, voice over, and music to bring the stories to the people. It is slightly cliché how they have used overly-soothing acoustic guitar music there (as if they were trying to take the edge off from the serious topic through that). What pleased my visual senses greatly about it was the fact that they had used black and white color scheme for it. This could be labelled as a cliché as well, but … aren’t clichés what they are just because they actually work anyway?

It is new and inspiring to see how multimedia combines new and old journalism, so many different aspects of it, and the outcome is just b e a u t i f u l. It can be labelled as a journalistic piece, but I think someone could get away with it for an art project as well. Isn’t it amazing how different things combine for an outcome all the more enjoyable for the sensory experience?


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